Strategic Review

Strategic Review

The health and social care sectors are facing increasing pressure. Demands on services are growing. The healthcare services face an ageing population with increasingly complex conditions and care requirements, a continuing rise in life-long diseases, such as obesity, and an increase in associated diabetes. These are just some examples of the challenges which are being faced on a daily basis.

In the future, greater numbers of people will require health and social care. This could result in a growing gap between what is expected and what can actually be delivered.

With performance being subject to intense scrutiny and monitoring, services are required to be prepared for any eventuality which could affect workforces, budgets and the delivery of care – whether positive or negative.

We believe that flexibility, and innovative thinking in planning, lie at the heart of overcoming these challenges.

A strategic review will provide vital information about the performance of services and the needs which they address in a local community.

At Iodem, we are proud of our reputation for carrying out strategic reviews. Their conclusions underpin strategic decisions, which offer communities the improvements in services and standards of care they need, whilst ensuring that our clients get immediate value and can be sure that the effects and stresses of future events are minimised.

The Iodem process

Iodem’s experienced team can undertake a detailed study of clinical services, analysing the issues from a range of perspectives. This enables us to:

  • Establish the extent to which strategy meets the needs of all relevant stakeholders
  • Determine what is appropriate to the operating environment
  • Recognise the strategic challenges
  • Establish whether the strategy is aligned with best practice
  • Suggest practical solutions

Our analysis is based on information collected from multiple sources, including an initial scoping exercise and research into best practice. Our assessments are evidence based, supported by the information we gather, with a critical examination of the guidance, and examined against the best practice evidence and issues arising from the field.

Through our emphasis on consultation we provide all stakeholders with an opportunity to contribute to the review process and ensure stakeholder buy-in. This, in turn, assists with the implementation of change arising from the process.

Key outcomes may lead to decommissioning current services, directly negotiating with providers for pilot projects or putting services out to tender to test the market.

Improving service quality through strategic review can lead to:

  • Improved patient outcome measures
  • Reduced waiting times
  • Fewer complications
  • Fewer complaints
  • Care closer to the patient’s home
  • Reduction in the cost of service provision