The question that we hear time and time again is 'why do the same errors keep on happening?'

A safer culture is produced by the behaviours of safer people

Safer systems are designed and operated by safer people

Both systems and people will achieve measurable and sustainable change, if they are anchored in an environment of openness, reflective practice and continuous improvement

At Iodem, we bring a fresh perspective. We understand that health and social care is a complex machinery of inter-related parts, operated at different levels by a range of individuals and teams.

People react to the challenges provided by the machinery of care in a multitude of ways, as they strive to meet the demands and the needs of service users.

At Iodem, we believe that the key to delivering sustainable change and performance improvement is to develop a deep understanding of the choices people make when faced with challenges in the machinery of care.

Iodem's four integrated service areas create sustainable improvements in the quality and safety of care.