About Iodem

Iodem was formed by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, each with personal experience of tackling the diverse and complex issues that arise in the healthcare sector today.

Iodem's story began in 2005. Initially, our focus was upon complaints handling and the disciplinary processes of a now abolished national regulator. However, by 2008, Iodem had grown in size and experience. As a result of our success, our work diversified to include service and management reviews, as well as providing and developing investigative services and commissioning advice.

Our work in 2021 reflects changes in the thinking surrounding safety in the NHS and elsewhere. When something goes wrong, we look at the system to understand why interactions with people were unsuccessful in delivering a safe and effective outcome.

Meet the Directors

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Maurice Hawthorne

Medical Director

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Janet Hawthorne

Legal Director


'Iodem help stop the same mistakes happening again by identifying the correct learning for improvement'

How we do it:


"Listening provides a catalyst for change"

At Iodem we listen.

We listen to confirm that we understand our clients and what they want to achieve.

We listen to ensure that we bring the correct skills to our projects.

We listen to understand different points of view, perspectives and insights - to gain an in-depth knowledge of the issues.

We listen to feedback to ensure that solutions which are presented are built on a secure foundation.