Welcome to Iodem

At Iodem, we understand that patient and service user safety is maintained by both the complex systems and processes in healthcare, and by the individuals and teams expected to exhibit the right skills and behaviours.

When things go wrong, we help to support our clients to respond effectively, to enhance safety and to achieve measurable improvement.

Through our in-depth sector knowledge and multi-disciplinary skills base, we work in partnership to create trust and confidence in even the most challenging circumstances.

We help frontline staff to respond effectively to complaints and safety incidents; we guide our clients when governance issues impinge on delivery of care; we unlock new approaches to the challenges of patient safety, based on analysis and evaluation; and we undertake quality audits to empower teams and individuals.

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Why do the same mistakes keep happening?

Safety is not about individual effort, it is about systems delivering quality outcomes for patients’. Using LIAISE, Iodem look at wider problems to stop the same things happening again.


Iodem's four integrated service areas create sustainable improvements in the quality and safety of care.